clinique neurofeedback


We offer contracts and services for workplace well-being and optimal performance. Whether you have a large company or a small company, your employees and you are not in training. If you are a business owner or wellness coordinator and want to discuss the introduction of NeurOptimal to your workplace.

Neurofeedback at work: whether you have a large or small business, your employees and your net profit can benefit from the NeurOptimal neurofeedback training in the workplace.

Managers who have implemented a training course in neurofeedback for employees at their workplace observed:

More collaborative teams

More creative employees

Increased productivity

Best Moral

Happier employees

More solution oriented

Less staff turnover

Reducing stress-related absences

Reducing employee depletion

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We can customize solutions for all budgets. Learn more about the options and benefits of integrating NeurOptimal into your workplace