clinique neurofeedback


Innovative and Bio advanced technology

An ultra-fast, very efficient and pleasant way to achieve optimal shape and function. It is impossible to describe Neuro Optimal with words, you have to experience it.

How did neurofeedback come about?


A soft and innovative natural method using green and BIO technology, the function of which is to help the brain to self-reorganize and based on the principle of neuroplasticity. Using sensors on the skull, a computer analyzes the electrical activity of the brain and sends back information about its own functioning. It is this method of feedback that expresses the name "feedback". It is the repetition of this "feedback" that generates a positive change over a few sessions. It's sustainable thanks to a sufficient number of sessions to consolidate the gains and improve brain performance.

How did neurofeedback come about?

Brief history: Barry Sterman, research director at UCLA (Los Angeles), in 1971, gave feedback.

After multiple laboratory experiments, the first therapeutic application takes place on one of her collaborators with epilepsy. After an hour of sitting twice a week, for three months, the crises practically disappeared. At the same time, positive changes in other areas were observed.

Commercialization of microcomputer-based neurofeedback only began in the 1990s.