clinique neurofeedback


1-Are the effects obtained achieved in a sustainable way?

It is normal to ask questions about Dynamic Neurofeedback and it is with pleasure that I will answer all your questions. It is important to understand how it works and also its history, its philosophy. Here are some of the answers to the questions that come up quite regularly.

2 - How many sessions are necessary?

The benefits are for life. However, you will face new stress, new trauma in your life, you will probably have to help your brain regulate itself optimally again to forget these traumas.

3_ what is the recommended frequency for the sessions?

It depends on the plasticity of your brain, your objective, your need. You are the only person who knows when you want to slow down intensive training, come on a "cruise" session... Generally, it takes at least three sessions to start to become aware of the changes that are taking place. Often between seven and ten sessions to achieve your objectives. It can sometimes take longer, sometimes less... It's up to you and your brain to decide! It all depends on the plasticity of your brain, your objective and your need.

4_ at what age do we start these sessions?

We advise for the first sessions to bring them closer together (one to two per week) - simply because it allows you to become aware of the benefits of Neurofeedback more quickly. But according to your availability, you adjust the frequency. There are no contraindications. It's a training session! You could come every day if you wish.

5_ Are there any restrictions for certain diseases?

This gentle and non-intrusive method is accessible to everyone! From birth, and even before, since pregnant women can benefit from the benefits of neurofeedback. Our brain regulates itself for life, its plasticity is permanent. Neurofeedback is a gentle, non-intrusive, non-medical method - no protocol is necessary, no diagnosis. There is no contraindication to this wellness treatment. On the other hand, it does not replace any medical treatment, it accompanies it.

6- Can we choose the music or film of our choice during the session?

We have a catalogue that continues to be enriched with your suggestions. You choose film or music. You can make a music session and watch a movie at the next session... It depends on your mood