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Retirement homes, assisted living centers, Convalescent homes, assisted living centers and other institutions can also benefit from the integration of NeurOptimal neurofeedback to their respective populations and employees. Learn more

NeurOptimal brain training helps each brain improve its own functioning by simply providing real-time information about its behavior just like a mirror, NeurOptimal does not cause changes; it simply reflects what is happening, allowing the brain and central nervous system to improve in a way that is best suited to each individual.

Because NeurOptimal is used for stress management and the overall physical shape of the brain and is not targeted treatment, and individuals tend to be unique and complex beings (each individual has a variety of concerns), we cannot predict any individual and we do not pretend to "treat" any "disorder". We can say that the NeurOptimal formation is pleasant, effortless, relaxing, non-invasive and safe.

Sonia W is 84 years old and has been training in the brain at NeurOptimal Neurofeedback System for several months. Diagnosed with Alzheimer's in August 2015, Sonia notes cognitive gains, decreased anxiety, and a significant improvement in her quality of life.