clinique neurofeedback



Sportsmen all have the same goal: be able to mobilize their best performance at the right time. High-performance athletes stand out for their ability to move from tension to relaxation very quickly and vice versa.

It is precisely and ability to relax their muscles quickly after a powerful effort that allows athletes to implement their strengths effectively and above all efficiently.

High-level athletes have exceptional qualities. They have the ability to mobilize their best level of performance better and more often. Dynamic Neurofeedback can have surprising effects on the development of this mental-conditioned capacity - the easy alternation between tension and relaxation. But Neurofeedback exercises are not just about mental capacity. They can also help to better control the coordination capabilities required by sport.

Targeted Neurofeedback exercises produce long-term and lasting effects on performance improvement and 100% natural and for both professional and amateur athletes. With 1 to 2 sessions a week, everyone can learn the desired behavior subconsciously. Neurofeedback brain training and learning processes are done intuitively and effortlessly.

Mental training used by Ski Suisse Olympique, Simon Ammann, Hermann Meier,

AC Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Neurofeedback for many years among athletes, especially in the USA.

How can athletes benefit from neurofeedback training?

Control and reduce stress and anxiety

Reduce or induce energy and intensity

Improve focus and concentration

Facilitate recovery from injury

Improve performance consistency