clinique neurofeedback


1-Following a terrible accident, a mother uses neurofeedback brain training on her comatose son to help him recover from TBI (Tramatic Brain Injury). Attending doctors and nurses are amazed at how rapidly her son recovers.

2-Edward O'Malley PhD, Director, Sleep Healthcare of Connecticut

"The use of dynamic neurofeedback has been a process of "life change" for me and the vast majority of my patients, friends and family in a subtle, smooth, and even difficult to define in some areas, while being quite direct and quite obvious in others. My opinion, as a scientist and clinician, is that this is the most powerful, sophisticated, advanced and non-linear technology avail

3-Testimonials from 2 veterans, returning from the war, recording how 20 sessions of NeurOptimal neurofeedback help them release the stress, anxiety and trauma

Associated with combat and improve their quality of life, sleep, self-confidence, concentration, memory, performance .ble to transform itself today.